Name:  Kathleen Moore


WPC 1109 Kathleen Moore


Scheduled for

May 10, 2014 11:00 a.m.

Kathleen Moore’s Story



Azure a bend sinister Gules with two bendlets sinister to dexter Celeste and Argent fimbriated Silver Gray all between four rows of mullets bendwise sinister, two rows to dexter four and six and two rows to sinister seven and four of the third, environed by a linked chain of the fourth.


Issuant from a torse Argent and Azure the Black Rock Lighthouse Proper, at chief a compass Azure detailed Celeste and at base rolling waves Silver Gray.


A scroll Celeste piped Gules inscribed with the motto, “HONOR THE LEGACY,” in White letters.


Two oars in saltire Proper.


The coat of arms as blazoned upon a white disc enclosed within a dark blue band edged on the outside with gold rope and inscribed at top “USCGC KATHLEEN MOORE” and in base ”WPC 1109” in gold.



Gules (Red), Celeste (Light Blue) and Argent (White) represent the Coast Guard. Dark blue symbolizes preparedness for ocean duty in the protection of United States waters and the enforcement of maritime law. The mullets (stars) denote the 21 lives Ms. Moore saved, and she is quoted as saying, “I wish it had been double that number.” The chain has 72 links, one for each year she served as lighthouse keeper from 1817-1889.


The Black Rock Lighthouse is where Kathleen Moore spent 72 years braving the harsh storms of Long Island Sound. Keeper Moore often slept in her work clothes, facing the window to be sure her light remained burning. The compass denotes navigation which, by her dedication, Kathleen Moore provided to many seafarers.


“HONOR THE LEGACY” reminds the crew of the USCGC KATHLEEN MOORE to bear in mind and emulate the high standards that Kathleen Moore set for herself throughout her career.


The crossed oars symbolize Kathleen Moore’s heroism and determination to save lives in treacherous conditions.

CGC KATHLEEN MOORE ~ Commissioned May 10th, 2014

LT Gregory E. Higgins - CO

LTjg Curis A. Gookin - XO

Mrs. Mary Jane Courier - Sponsor

Kathleen Moore Commissioning